Monday, September 3, 2007

Note to automakers of one way to cut costs on less used add-ons

Note to automakers: I have submitted my comments below to various automakers; you can email them too on your comments/suggestions.

Hello, as you probably know, folks have moved away from tape recorders, FM, CD players. So probably, those can be removed from your cars, and this will help in reducing car costs. Also, now mp3 players like ipods etc are being used, so customers should be able to hook up their own ipods etc to car. Right now, my car does not have a wire line with which I can connect by mp3 player to car audio system; instead I have to buy an inconvenient mp3-player-to-car-cassette-adapter.

So IDEALLY, if all you do is provide an input hook which folks can use to plug in their own mp3 player etc, that will be cheapest for consumer and for you too.

Also, you can think of other ways, by which consumers who want cheap cars, without frills, can have them.
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