Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wrote to Dell/Gateway/Everex to come up with a cheaper computer that does not have default DVD or DVD-RW in their computers

To request Dell/Gateway/Everex to come up with a the cheapest computer that you can tout as most economical($100-$300 range), that has:

a) No DVD or DVD/CD -RW
b) No lines to connect to printer, external displays
c) No dial-up modem
d) No unnecessary outputs etc at back of computer
e) Hard drive no more than 20Gig

Reason for above:
The computer would be forward looking. as (a) it uses the Internet for watching movies etc (hence no need for DVD or DVD/CD R-W), (b) it uses Internet for printing, it can upload files via Internet to print at Fedex-Kinko or Walgreens, (c) No dial-up model since it uses either DSL or cable, etc, (d) There are lots of unnessary pins at back of computer, they can be removed, (e) Since storage would be on Internet, Hard drive no more than 20Gig needed.

This is because, with online videos etc growing and storage of documents, spreadsheets etc stored online, there should be NO need to DVD, DVD-RW anymore. Also unnessarily creating DVDs harms the planet. This will also be cheaper for consumers.
But it does have good processing power and good network connectivity
Thanks, Avinash


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