Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wrote to IRS for free e-file, automatic tax calculation

Wrote to IRS:
Dear IRS, Franchise tax board : Right now, I spent 4 days fillinig out my tax forms, etc and my friend took a week. We should have a Web-based on-demand complete tax filing solution (for both federal and state), that would also import W-2s etc, and reduce paperwork and provide good cost savings for EVERYONE. Spending so much time filing taxes is a HUGE productivity loss for the country. Also even though I sent checks to both IRS and FTB, my IRS check has been cashed properly, but my FTB check is still not cashed (as per my bank online statement). With web-based solution, there will not be such issues. Also, for my tax bracket, I found that I am not able to efile for either IRS or FTB.

a) Everyone, regardless of income should be able to fill tax forms online and e-file for free. Folks should not have to buy software or hire tax professional for filing taxes.
b) People spend hours and days every year filing taxes. For most folks, since the information is already submitted to IRS/FTB by their employer, bank etc, IRS should be able to calculate the tax automatically on its website and user can then modify it as needed and submit the tax forms there itself ? This will improve the nation's efficiency and cut costs. It is high time this is done, since internet has advanced so much but IRS tax filing is lagging behind.
c) To save trees, every year, to reduce number of tax booklets sent out to taxpayers, there should be easy OPT-OUT on Internet for tax booklets. Right now, there is no such Internet-based opt-out.
d) It is good that folks can contact FTB online for sending feedback, but IRS does not have a feedback collection : in that case, how can it improve.
e) For Calfile, can you please add "Capital gains or losses. " since most people through working in a company, have capital gains or losses. And with this, LOTS of people will be able to Calfile

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