Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wrote to National City bank on simplifying Online account opening process

Wrote to National City bank:
I would like to enroll for National City money market account since the yield is good, but its requirements are very tedious and complicated. It should be simple, like ING Direct's (ie no account minimum, no fees, etc). For example, "National City Money Market Savings requires a $1,500 minimum daily balance to avoid a $10/month fee. The Interest Checking requires either a $1.5k minimum daily balance, $3k average daily balance or a $15k minimum daily combined balance to avoid a $10/month fee. "

National City should come up with a SIMPLE application procedure, like other online banks are doing, like ING Direct, HSBC Direct, etc

Corusbank does not have any ACH out feature; when I wanted to withdraw money from it, Corus had to send me paper check, so I had closed the account. Corus should have good online ACH features, like, ING Direct, etc

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