Saturday, October 27, 2007

AT&T, Verizon Yellow pages unsubscription : to save trees

Hello, please forward to AT&T Yellow Pages Corporate Headquarters:We would like AT&T to provide the option for consumers to unsubscribe from Yellow Pages booklet, for consumers like myself, who feel that printing 1000 pages even on partially-recycled is not good, as so much paper only leads to more global warming. Such option should be provided on AT&T yellow pages or other website, and also on your phone books.Thanking you, Avinash Agrawal.

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Write to AT&T yellow pages:
BEST IS TO Call them 800-848-8000 (they put a note to note send me phonebook after I called them up)
Email : <>, <>,,
Verizon yellow pages:
My YP:

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