Sunday, October 7, 2007

Online travel firms Orbitz, Priceline,etc

Wrote to Online travel firms Orbitz, Priceline,etc :
Please forward to Corporate headquarters:
a) When a friend of mine sends me their itinerary on the flight information, so that I can pick them up from the airport, I have to MANUALLY note down the flight number, go to etc and get update on whether the flight is landing. But I should be able to view my friends email and see over there, LIVE, the flight status. Also, they should be able to forward me such flight arrival information, at the time they book the flight itself, instead of forwarding the email to me later. Same holds true for my flight departure too, when I book an eticket through your website; I should be able to check flight departure status on my emailed itinerary itself.

Please forward to your Corporate headquarters:
b) Online travel agents should help search for good deals AROUND the travel date(ie say 2 weeks before and after the arrival and departure dates), and display results in matrix form, so that customer can choose plan based on its flight duration, inexpensiveness, etc. Right now, Orbitz does show 3days before and after flights too (in its flexible travel option), but it should have more days, ie one month before and after too.

c) On Orbitz, when I found a nice international flight for $1000 and tried to book it, Orbitz gave message "We're sorry. Due to changes in airline availability, the fare for your selected trip is no longer available. We have adjusted the fares for all affected flights. The fare for your selected trip is now $ 2228 total. See below. (Message 1048)"
I had spent about half hour narrowing down to that flight and THEN we see this message? Orbitz should automatically exclude such results. Secondly, when I did the search again, the same invalid trip for $1000 showed up. The trip was from SFO->KWI, and it was via Qatar Airways for some portion of travel.

Write to Orbitz, Priceline,etc :,,TRAVELOCITY,00.html, email
Thanks, Avinash
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