Monday, October 15, 2007

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a)For checking flight arrivals, instead of clicking "Refresh" on your site again and again, can you make the site LIVE, so it automatically updates with the latest status ?
b) Can you please provide ability to easy add LIVE flight arrivals status to my iPhone or blackberry RIMM, so I can easily view live status information as an ALERT on my smartphone ?
c)Yesterday we needed to drop someone at the airport and we had checked that the flight KLM from San Francisco to Amsterdam was as scheduled. But when we reached the airport, we learned that the incoming flight itself from (Amsterdam to SFO) was running 2 hours late, and therefore the SFO->Amsterdam flight might also be delayed. So we had to wait hours at the airport. Can track this and , knowing that the incoming flight itself was delayed, print the probability, that the outgoing flight will also be delayed ?

Also, if you create a facebook application, since there were so many people waiting at the airport in line, anyone could have , using social networking, like Facebook, updated your facebook application that there was a long line at airport and incoming flight is delayed.

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