Saturday, November 24, 2007 : Web3.0

Good product, but
a) It hangs a lot, when I try to edit it, on "Select Content"
b) Right now, I am able to extract data from only one website, using an input variable, but using the same input variable, I would like to be able to extract data from few different sites
c) Also, I should be able to manipulate the data extracted, ie do mathematical operations (like multplication, division, etc) on different extracted numbers etc, and also sort them, etc
d) Presentation of output information : whether numbers, charts , etc : the output data should be formattable
e) Bugs: I have dapper gadget at : Type in stock symbol "LEN" in first gadget, it shows output fields being repeated.
f) Extraction of email addresses etc, from a website (since dapper already knows how to parse the webpage), so that folks can use this collection of email addresses to mail friends etc .For example , if you go to, you will see lots of my friends names, email addresses and I want to get the email addresses into a text file
g) Dapper should provide perl-kind of regular expression to help users define exactly what fields they would like to extract from a website
h) If I try to create a simple RSS feed from , it does not work. Please try this. I was able to create one at Yahoo Pipes though.
g) In YahooPipes, I should be able to create simple RSS feed, WITHOUT having to use, for example from


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