Monday, November 5, 2007

Facebook/GoogleOrkut's profile to be available at Internet sites

Wrote to Facebook, Orkut : Facebook should provide way for consumers to login to any website's message board using facebook profile and not have to register at each new website they visit:

Right now, if I own a website and would like to add a user forums discussion board, I need for each new user to register on my website and create profile etc, which is a lot of work for the new user.
And such new user needs to register with multiple such sites of his choice, to login and post messages at different websites. For example, as a user, I recently logged into forums and forums and needed to register at both these sites and create usernames/passwords etc (which can get lost and worse, hacked). Facebook should provide a way for a forum creator to use my facebook profile and for me, to be able to use my facebook profile for me to easily begin posting comments at different sites.

Thanks, Avinash
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