Sunday, November 18, 2007

More efficient online business incorporation etc in California

Have more and more features online to have business incorporation, done online, in California.

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger, I wanted to incorporate a business in California, and right now it takes a lot of paperwork, it can all be made online, and starting a business can take only a few hours then. It takes only a few  hours total, to incorporate a business in Singapore. and I am surprised that at the Sacramento website  there is not even an online submission form for queries, etc, and it relies on paper mail/phones that are inefficient processes. There should be more automation here, using Internet technologies, to save everyone time and effort.
b) On I need to fill out forms, I still need to SAVE the pdf into computer, mail it , etc.This should be completely Online ie Internet-based, instead of printing and mailing forms, which waste paper and increase processing times and increase chances of errors.
c) With more such efficiency through onlinization, the filing costs will be reduced for businesses and the government.
Thanks, Avinash
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