Saturday, November 10, 2007

Social change: Newspaper not reporters of news, but helping in TAKING ACTION

Social change : Newspaper not just reporters of news, but also helping readers take action:
a) I read your editorial articles everyday, and I would like it if the media, in addition to reporting news, also provides ways where people can TAKE ACTION, even in the form of simple writing to concerned companies, folks, government officials etc. For example, at, my friends who read it, can take action if they like.
b) Also, education to masses on how everyone can be more productive is very important. And this education should happen on our columns everyday. For example, what is Web2.0, collaboration, how we can all make our society more efficient, esp the government, etc. This will bring about social change. If we report only the bad things that happen, they only will grow. We need to focus on what we need to do. This is especially important now, with globalization.
Thanks, Avinash

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