Saturday, November 3, 2007

OpenContacts and its benefits

Google, Yahoo etc to have an Open Contact information etc, that maintains my name, email address, physical address, list of friends , etc.

So If I search on Google Maps for driving directions to "Sam's house", Google Maps should access my friends contacts and find the directions directly. Or If I say , on Google Talk or Yahoo messenger, to call "Sam's phone", then it should find Sam in my contacts phonelist and call the person up.
And one should be able to import contacts etc from each others databases. While Google's OpenSocial helps developers by helping them leverage their code, this Open Contact will help the consumers by helping them leverage their contacts info , across multiple sites.

Similarly, my Groups (Yahoogroups, GoogleGroups, etc) should be portable across multiple social networksing sites. So on for my posts on walls, etc

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