Sunday, November 11, 2007

Writing to different universities to make coursework available online

I am writing to different universities to make coursework available online:
If all the college and school lectures are online, not only will it save time and energy for teachers and professors and not have them go through the same work again and again, but it will free up their energies towards more one-on-one work with students and for more research. Also, students will be able to access those lectures whenever, and as-many-times as they want, and this will reduce costs for everyone. MIT has already done this and so has Univ of California, Berkeley (UCB at youtube), for free. This is possible now, because more people have high speed internet and the ability to watch videos online, pretty much inDVD quality. Please do forward to your friends, and help raise awareness on this.

Best Regards, Avinash
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