Thursday, December 27, 2007 : to be made more ebay-like

Wrote to : to be made more ebay-like. I tried to use freecycle, but it seems to be made up of lots of yahoogroups, and am still waiting for yahoogroups moderator approval (this is tedious), also there seem to be lots of comments in the group. I expected to be more ebay-like, where I simply post the articles I have for give-away, and other folks can simply search for it. Another issue is that I live in Menlo Park, and there are so many different groups in, like palo alto, san mateo groups, etc and one cannot join all of them. Also there should be some facebook application on this, that would help me simply add it to my facebook profile, where I can do the posting/browsing of such recycled items.

Best Regards, Avinash

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