Saturday, January 5, 2008

Improving Google Web Search results

Wrote to Google WebSearch on two ways to improve search results:
Google should have more user-created and user-voted sites in Google Search results.
Reason being, when I search for something, nowadays, I get a lot of artificial commerical search results not relevant.
a) Social ranking of pages will help here, that etc provides, and Google should include such results in search.
b) Auto-linking to Google Docs : After all, say 10 people who have collaborated on making a Google document or spreadsheet, means the page is relevant. People create lot of nice information on Google Docs and Spreadsheets. While Google Docs allows publishing such pages, it does not automatically provide a link to it. There should be a default link to the page (as in Blogger), so that such pages have a chance of showing up in search results. So beyond just publishing docs, GoogleDocs should provide default-linking capabilities. A team of 20 of my friends and myself, recently created some very nice and useful work on GoogleDocs, and have published it, but it is useless to the web, unless someone is linking to it.

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