Saturday, September 13, 2008

Online tax preparation software: enhancements

Wrote to Online tax preparation software companies :
Please forward to Corporate headquarters:

  • Please provide ability to scan W2 form, 1099 INT forms and other forms, using Android mobile app and also using the laptop's webcam while using taxact site on the laptop browser. Maybe google chrome webRTC can be used for this
  • For Schedule D, Please provide ability to upload whole stock transactions spreadsheet, for capital gains calculation. Right now, one has to manually enter, for each transaction, each individual entry, which is very tedious. If your online tax preparation website can take the uploaded spreadsheet of trades, which is in Schedule D format, then it is much easier for me, and then I can subscribe to your online tax preparation
  • As Apr 15 tax deadline approaches, I noticed today and yesterday that taxact site was very slow. I guess taxact has only a few servers; can you look into hosting your site, using cloud-computing services on-demand from say, etc, so that inspite of tax deadline, users do not notice the server slowness.

Thanks, Avinash
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