Saturday, October 25, 2008

SmartVoip/ VOIP enhancements:

Please forward to Betamax headquarters.
Smartvoip/Webcalldirect/ is really GREAT for VOIP quality and costs. Some enhancements will help :

aa) Please provide a browser-based VOIP application (like Gmail's google voice) and also Google chrome browser extension, instead of a download application. I am interested in buying Google Chrome OS netbook computer. Also downloaded-applications take too much of my computer memory/resources and I have to download the application to my different computers, which is tedious. Instead, I would like to use VOIP from the web browser directly, and preferably bookmark the VOIP application on browser and access from ANY computer.
ab) Please provide Android app, so I can access from Android phone
ac) Please provide persistent login. When I login to website, everytime I have to enter password, which  is tedious. Please have the feature that once I am logged into website, I should not have to re-enter password everytime for logging in.
a) Please make recharge of account funds easy : Right now, since I dont have mobile phone, even though I have an existing account with webcalldirect, I have to go through tedious process of adding funds by getting verification code sent to some friends mobile. Since my account already exists and has been funded before, I should not require re-verification to add new funds to webcalldirect etc.
a) Please have verification of new accounts and recharge of account funds, not just by sending code to mobile phone, but by simple email, or there should be option of calling home phone and entering verification code on home phone. For example, I have home phone but no mobile phone, so verification using home phone will help. Yahoo messenger phone- out has easy verification, ie does not send code to mobile phone.
b) make it easy to save phone numbers of frequently called folks, by attaching a name to the phone number
c) provide a web-based interface to place calls (like the ability to make google voice calls directly from gmail), instead of having to download voip gadget
d) In call history, the per minute rate for that country should be provided too, along with the number of minutes, and the total charge for the call
e) Also, while I am in the middle of PC-to-phone call, a window pops up asking to enter name and other details of called person. This is annoying, and there is no easy way to close that window. Such window should not pop up, especially since user thinks that voice call is over but the phone call is still on and user is still being charged.
f) If I see a phone number in browser, somewhere on Internet, I should be able to right click on the number and have webcalldirect dial that number for me; that way I will not have to retype that number in webcalldirect.
g) Ability to use webcalldirect on mobile phones or smartphones like iPhone, blackberry, HTC Google Android phone, etc, to make VOIP calls from mobile phone. Also facebook application will help
h) I should be able to import my friends phone numbers from Facebook/gmail etc, and populate my contacts list easily. Right now, I have to manually populate my contacts list for Facebook/gmail friends.
i) A browser toolbar for webcalldirect/intervoip : So I can easily make phone calls from browser
j) If a person has a mobile and home and work number, I would like to make a call to that person at once on ALL their numbers, so that wherever they are, they should be able to pick up that particular phone, upon which remaining phone calls to that person on other lines, get dropped. That is much more productive for me, otherwise I have to manually try for that person, at their different numbers one-by-one.
k) Ability to have multiple family members to use my account at the same time : Since I have family in different parts of the world and I would like to share my voip account (so they can make pc-to-phone calls) with them all simultaneously(since some of them do not have credit cards). Right now, when one logs in, the other one gets logged out; this should not happen, they should be able to make calls simultaneously, using the credit in my voip account.
l) Please provide ability to receive incoming phone calls onto your softphone, like, gizmo5 etc provide. Currently,the softphone can only be used for placing outbound phone calls.

m) Please partner up with a SIP telephone provider link in USA, so that new customers can get not only your service on softphone, but also can find easy places online where they can buy a SIP-ATA physical telephone that they can use without having to use computer. Currently on your website are a few SIP-ATA physical telephones, but there is no link to where one can buy them in USA, online.

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