Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LivePerson : voice chat when logged in online at a website, besides text chat

Please forward to Liverperson headquarters:

LivePerson online chat should include voice chat, besides text chat: I logged into Bank of America and was doing LivePerson chat with banking specialist, and wrote in text about my credit card request, and explained in detail, they then asked me to call up separate 1-800 number for credit card. So this is painful process, and timeconsuming. Please have LivePerson to accept voice calls using LivePerson, besides text chat. Then Bank of America should be able to transfer my voice call to appropriate department, online, without customer having to worry about calling another 1-800 number for a different department.
Here is chat transcript:
You: yes, I wanted to do transaction X on my credit card
Bank of America : I will be happy to assist you!
You: I wanted to do transaction X on my credit card
Bank of America:  This needs to be done by department Z Please give us a call at 800.XXX.YYYY.
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