Monday, October 13, 2008

New computer design for allowing multiple people on same computer, to do multiple, simple things in parallel

Please forward to corporate headquarters:
Computer companies should create a new computer design, that would allow multiple people to do multiple, simple things on a single computer, in a home setting. For example, on ONE computer, two persons could be making voice calls with someone (that only needs a headset, not computer monitor), another could be watching a web-based movie on a TV connected to the computer, one could be editing a spreadsheet on the computer (that needs computer monitor). Also multiple monitors with their associated touch-screen keyboards, could be connected to the same computer.

Also, please come up with a cheap lightweight computer that you can tout as most economical($100-$300 range), that has:
a) No DVD or DVD/CD -RW
b) No lines to connect to printer, external displays, as printer is accessible on Internet itself
c) No dial-up modem, uses only Wi-fi or broadband
d) No unnecessary outputs etc at back of computer
e) Hard drive no more than 50Gig or so

f) Also webcam can become a standard built-in feature, for video conferencing, etc

Reason for above:
The computer would be forward looking. as (a) it uses the Internet for watching movies etc (hence no need for DVD or DVD/CD R-W), (b) it uses Internet for printing, it can upload files via Internet to print at nearest networked printer or Fedex-Kinko or Walgreens, (c) No dial-up model since it uses either DSL or cable, etc, (d) There are lots of unnessary pins at back of computer, they can be removed, (e) Since storage would be on Internet, Hard drive no more than 50Gig needed.

Also, that way, the notebook will be much lighter.

Also, the laptop Operating system should be cleaned up, and unnecessary icons and desktop applications removed. For example, in any new computers Start menu, there are so many icons for "Windows email" and "Windows products", most of which are not used by computer users anymore, as most use browser-based email (like Gmail, yahoo mail etc). Also for new computers, the Google Chrome browser is being used, which is good, but the look-and-feel of browser is very different from the feel of the Windows OS. It will be great if the Windows OS could feel be made more fluide like that of Google chrome browser.

Thanks, Avinash
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