Monday, November 24, 2008

CRM 2.0

Please forward to Corporate headquarters:
Hello, for CRM, can you please address how customer support representative at a company, should handle incoming queries ? At least two things are needed :
a) Ability for a customer support representative to atutomatically find what maybe related documents in internal documentation/knowledge base search (upon receiving customer query), and the person should also be able rank/vote for the search results, so other customer support representatives can leverage that data in the future, and highly-ranked information should appear first in the search results.
b) Customer support enhancement :Ability to manually come up with and setup contact groups (ie groups of email addresses) of other customer support representatives who are experts in certain topics, and who can be instant messaged ALL at once, with minimum effort, to find resolution to customer issue. For example, we would like to be able to set up expert groups for different areas (and share those expert groups, essentially group of email addresses, with everyone in the company), and we should be able to instant-message that group for any question one has that that group can help with. And such expert groups should be sharable and made available to all folks in the company, for edits or  view, etc.
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