Sunday, May 10, 2009

Click-to-call from Internet/netbook/iphone or other smartphone: enhancements

Click to call, from computer/netbook/iphone : enhancements:
Please forward to corporate headquarters:
Please enhance Click 2 call so that:
a) Click-to-call should provide productivity over phone calls for menu navigation: If I go to site like, and press Click 2 call, I should see, listed on my netbook/iphone screen, the different menu options, like "Press 1 for banking", "Press 2 for credit card", "Press 3 for mortgage", etc. Since this can be minutes of time wasted waiting on the phone listening to the menu options, such push-button menu choices will save huge time, if Click2call is done from netbook/smartphone, etc. Also, the time savings are even more, when a selection from a choice menu, leads to new menus, for example "If I press mortgate", then new menu options would be "Press 1 for new mortgage","Press 2 for existing mortgage", etc.
b) Click-to-call should take the callback phone number (and other information like name, email , etc) saved in my google chrome/facebook profile, and not keep asking me for this information or a callback phone number every time one presses Click2call. In fact, there should be no need for a callback phone number, as Click-to-call should connect directly from the computer/netbook/iphone that has been used to make the call request. Similarly, On smartphone, like iphone, etc, If someone would like to book a flight or taxi using iphone, or even open a new bank account, then they should not have to enter their home address/email address etc when voice chatting with customer service representative; the customer service representative on other side should be able to read-in automatically suggested address/email address , etc from my click2call client.
c) If I use Click-to-call for someone frequently, like a pizza store etc, to order a specific item or set of items mostly, then Click-2-call should remember those menu choices etc and automatically make those orders for me. "When you order with Click-to-call automatic ordering and online choice selection, you never have to hear that impatient, irritated tone of a teen-ager taking your order who doesn't understand the specials and just wants to be somewhere else, talking with anyone else but you. And the constant ringing of the phones in the background."
d) LivePerson online chat should include voice chat, besides text chat: I logged into Bank of America and was doing LivePerson chat with banking specialist, and wrote in text about my credit card request, and explained in detail, they then asked me to call up separate 1-800 number for credit card. So this is painful process, and timeconsuming. Please have LivePerson to accept voice calls using LivePerson, besides text chat. Then Bank of America should be able to transfer my voice call to appropriate department, online, without customer having to worry about calling another 1-800 number for a different department.
Here is chat transcript:
You: yes, I wanted to do transaction X on my credit card
Bank of America : I will be happy to assist you!
You: I wanted to do transaction X on my credit card
Bank of America:  This needs to be done by department Z Please give us a call at 800.XXX.YYYY

e) Not needing to re-verify customer, and authentication : Right now, when we call up a customer service representation(CSR) using the click2call after logging in to their online account, then the CSR has to re-verify all the information about the customer, especially if the click2call happens after the customer has logged in. This is a big time-waste for CSR and also the customer. for example, if I call up HSBC bank after logging in to my online HSBC account, I should not have to reverify all my personal information with HSBC CSR ; they should know that I have already been authenticated and should be able to get on with the task at hand
f) After logging in at say above online bank account etc, click2call should provide me ability to leave a secure voicemail also (besides options to call up CSR , etc) : that way, as customer, I should be able to leave voice instructions on what is needed. This helps avoid the waiting process when the bank has to locate a CSR to answer me and I am put on hold. Leaving voicemail, I can simply leave instructions knowing that they will be answered. 
g) When I call up Bank of America using the Click2call, after logging onto  Bank of America account, it asks me, before connection to enter my name, phone number etc. These should be auto-saved so I dont have to re-enter this info again and again. Also preferably, Click2call should pick up these fields like name, phone number, etc from my online Bank of America account.

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