Saturday, May 15, 2010 enhancements needed enhancements needed:

Please forward to Sipgate corporate headquarters:

aa) Please provide a browser-based VOIP application (not desktop softphone) and also Google chrome browser extension, instead of a download application. I am interested in buying Google Chrome OS netbook computer. Also downloaded-applications take too much of my computer memory/resources and I have to download the application to my different computers, which is tedious. Instead, I would like to use VOIP from the web directly, and preferably bookmark the VOIP application on browser and access from ANY computer.
ab) Please provide Android app, so I can access from Android phone
ac) When I receive incoming call on sipgate, on windows Vista, then there is no Popup saying "Accept call" or "decline call". All I get is a notification saying incoming call. This is inconvenient. Please fix this. For example, yahoo messenger voice-in provides Popup saying "Accept call" or "decline call". 


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