Sunday, December 5, 2010

Online portal for companies and new hires, to manage new hire Offer letters and new hire process

Please foward to corporate headquarters:

Online portal for companies and new hires, to manage complete new hire Offer process, letters etc, is needed : from interviews, to offer letters and acceptance, to getting an employee number, setting up W4, I9, direct deposit etc, in an online portal (instead of many back-and-forth email and documents.) Currently, my friend got a new job offer letter with a company, and he got some 10 pdf files in email that he needed to edit with his information (like Offer acceptance, W4 withholding info, I9, direct deposit info, date-of-birth/social sec info, etc). And he had to spend almost a day to recreate a pdf that had the completed information (since he had to convert the pdf file to Word document , then images, then type in the info into the images, re-create Word document and since he could not email those back because of size limitation, generate a pdf file etc, from various internet resources that do file conversion) And he was not expert in those things. It would have been much simpler if the company had offered an online website where he could securely fill out that info, and hit "Submit" and it would have taken at most half hour.

Can your company provide such a solution ? It will be a huge productivity enhancer.

Also, for background check, instead of user manually filling in the "employment history"and "education history" , it will be great if user can simply upload their resume(in Word doc), and your service can automatically fill in the "employment history"and "education history" from the uploaded resume. That way, user does not need to spend lot of time to fill in the information manually, and it should take only a minute for the user to fill in the "employment history"and "education history".

Thanks, Avinash

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